“Happiness is our Birth Right! “Yogi  Bhajan. 
When we are born we are ALL  naturally happy.! And then …. we spend a lifetime to learn how to  become unhappy! 
We are here to show you the way to your True Self  and to your  natural state of HAPPINESS , and therefore HEALTH and WELL-BEING. 
Our Сreative Academy  is for everyone who seeks a  Support, Clarity and/or Guidance on Path of Transformation. 

About Me

I am Crystal,


I exist on this Earth, as well as every CRYSTAL you hold in your hands; 
To amplify your powers!
 To show you how beautiful and multidimensional your Soul is.


To ignite your shiny REAL YOU!
To bring happiness and excitement into your life.
To bring a smile on your face, relief to your heart, a bеаm of sunshine on your path. 
Bliss & joy into your everyday routine;
 And a fresh sparkly taste for every hour that you live.


 You deserve to be happy!



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Readings services

Shamanie services

Healing services

Therapeutic services

Readings Services

Akashic Records reading

Yearly Egyptian reading

Yearly Egyptian Matrix change

Shamanie services

Connect with your spirit guides

Red thread manifestsation

Objector jewelry charging

Healing services

Stem cell unique sound healing
Vibration therapy healing session
Reiki healing
Chakras and Aura clearing and blessing
Polarity healing session
Emotional healing journey
Jin Shin Juitsy
Distance healing
Sauna, chair, water
Moxi (mug worth healing)
Tunning, forks, energy boost

Therapeutic hypnosis

Past life regression
Stress and anxiety relieve
Self-esteem boost
Weight loss
Stop smoking
Kids hypnosis
Sleeping disorders
Anger management
Self hypnosis
Create your personal hypno-recording
Forgive someone

Contact US

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